About Willy Magee Studio

Willy_MageeWilly Magee Studio is an award winning, multi-disciplined creative workspace. Willy Magee Studio was founded on the principle that graphic design has the power to alter the future. Our work in design, print, web marketing and communications is the best evidence of that principle.

We work from the inside out – creating solutions that truly reflect our client’s aspirations. When a program is well conceived and executed the results can be very dramatic: a new outlook for everyone connected with the organization, new public recognition, more effective communications, and improved sales. At Willy Magee Studio we believe that your company’s identity is much more than a cosmetic exercise… it must be an approach to a total communications effort which integrates design with all the other aspects of an organization’s philosophies, policies, markets and overall activities.

Bass_GuitarWilly Magee has always served the music industry from both the performer’s perspective and also on the business side. Willy Magee Studio produces packaging design, websites, videos and marketing materials for artists as well as record labels and other industry professionals. Over 20 years of experience focusing on the music industry’s special needs has made this a primary area of expertise at Willy Magee Studio. Our long standing rapport with the best CD manufacturers serves as a valuable resource for both long & short runs of product. Willy Magee Studio is also a professional music production facility, offering state of the art services such as 24 bit/192 kHz digital recording, digital editing and MIDI sequencing. These technologies are crucial in the generation of videos & sound tracks and in engineering feature length recording projects. High-end audio capabilities are made possible at Willy Magee Studio by utilization of some of the most sought after tools in the trade, such as Apple’s Logic Pro software, audio interfaces by Apogee, microphones by AKG and monitoring systems by Mackie.

Book_designIt turns out, you sometimes can judge a book by its cover. Cover and book jacket designs entice the eye, promote sales, introduce concepts, and add to the visual character of a printed piece. Willy Magee Studio produces publications for a variety of different groups to meet many different types of objectives. During the course of this creative process, photography, illustration, digital imaging and other design elements are used together to reach a desired aesthetic quality. Willy Magee Studio designs and produces books, full color magazines, newspapers, programs, annual reports, and various collateral materials. Other print pieces such as stationery, brochures, newsletters, direct mailings and sales kits are also generated by Willy Magee Studio.

For more information about the services we provide, or to schedule a free initial consultation, call Willy Magee Studio today at (505) 983-8665. We look forward to hearing from you!